[JDEV] 'Lotus sametime' = really another IM system in this world?

Larry Cannell larry at cannell.org
Mon Aug 12 18:44:48 CDT 2002


Good point. That's a good way to move forward.

However, please forgive me if I don't answer this question in detail on the
mailing list. Given my name might be recognizable by a number of sales reps
I'd rather just share my comments with a few people off this mailing list.
It's not that I don't want to share my impressions, its just not appropriate
to share them publicly.

My original point is that the conclusions drawn by the author of the article
are reasonable. In my personal opinion, SameTime is a very strong enterprise
IM solution. Undoubtedly, Jabber offers strong comipetition going forward.


> If you've recently done a eval of Sametime, is it possible you could give
> a "hit list" of features where Jabber falls short so that we could have
> something to work towards (for IM purposes).
> pgm.

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