[JDEV] New JabberStudio Live!

Thomas Muldowney temas at box5.net
Tue Aug 13 14:14:37 CDT 2002

We've done it!  We finally got everything in place and put the updated
site live at http://www.jabberstudio.org

Most of the backend code to JabberStudio has been fully revamped to make
our lives as maintainers much much easier. We've also included a great
many new features to help people more productive. Tool additions and

* Feature Request Manager - Now you don't have to use the bug manager to
manage feature requests.
* File Release Manager - In the project system directory there is now a
files directory, where you can place files you wish to release (Upload
scripts are in the works), and then release them on the website using
this manager.
* Doc Manager - In the project system directory is a docs directory
where you can place the source docbook xml to a file and have docs
generated. This tool will be greatly improved in the short future.
* Bugs and Tasks - General UI improvements, and the ability to see when
an item has changed.
* Plus man other changes

The next phase in the JabberStudio coding is full Jabber integration.
The goal is make everything fully controlable through a Jabber

I would like to personally thank Ryan "reatmon" Eatmon for his super
hard work on the new stuff and countless phone conversations about
design decisions.  I would also like to thank Matt "linuxwolf" Miller
for his nitpicking and bug searching while we were in the dev phase. 
Without those two we wouldn't be here today.

We hope you enjoy the new JabberStudio and if you have any questions
regarding the change to the new code please contact me.

(Basically the same text can be found at: 

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