[JDEV] Presence Indication and Jabber Server

Nishi.. (Nishanth) nishi4 at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 14 13:57:49 CDT 2002

I am new to this Jabber thing. What made me interested in this is, the way 
Instant Messaging is done irrespective, of the clients AIM, ICQ, MSN and 
stuff.  I am going to develop a site where in I would like to have the 
members of the site chat with each other using Jabber. This is the Idea, but 
the following are the stack of questions came to my mind.

1) Do I have to have Jabber Server running within my application scope? Or 
Jabber is a server that could be universally accessed just like MSN, YIM, 
ICQ, AIM and stuff.

2)How do I show presence indication of  users of my site ( Having a Jabber 
ID, if at all Jabber Server serves free service as other IM servers like MSN 
Messenger, AIM, YIM, ICQ)just like in hotmail inbox where the status of 
other hotmail users is shown with MSN Icon. I will be using jsp/servlets to 
develop the site.

Any help would be Appreciated.

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