[JDEV] Server to Server - presence/message problems

Amarnath Yara amarny at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 14 14:47:11 CDT 2002

Hi All,
       I am having few problems with server to server. I am running two 
jabber servers 1.4.1 on RedHat Linux (7.2) boxes inside LAN.  I reboot 
server A for some reason and then login to server A, then I dont get 
presence or messages or from buddies on server B. I also cannot join a 
conference running on server B. Same is the case if i reboot server B and 
login to server B(meaning dont get presence/messages from buddies on A 

The error message I get is "Server Connect Timeout" with winjab.

To solve the problem temporarily I make it a point to reboot both the 
servers when ever I have to reboot one of them.

I was just wondering if whenever a server to server connection is broken 
does jabber server recognise it and act accordingly? Are there any 
situations in which this may fail. Thanks.


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