[JDEV] JEP038 (emoticon spec) : file extension

Mattias Campe mattias.campe at rug.ac.be
Wed Aug 14 23:29:43 CDT 2002

Adam Theo heeft geschreven:
> Hi Matthias.
> Sorry about the email. I looked through my inbox and didn't see anything 
> about that from you, so I might have ended up accidentally deleting it 
> with the spam (i get about 50+ a day).

Then you will have to put me in your personal Addres book, just kidding ;)

> My answer is that it would be great for this to be adopted beyond 
> Jabber, but right now it is built for the Jabber platform,so I don't 
> feel bad about it having the name "Jabber" in it. When it becomes more 
> widely adopted outside Jabber, hopefully someone will take the 
> initiative to add in other icon-like things to the spec such as Avatars 
> and Presence Icons, and rename it to something more general. Maybe 
> "gisp", then "Generic Icon Style Package".   :-)

Why, sth. more general? That would make it unusable for irc, because 
they don't know "presence" nor "avatars". I just wouldn't refer to 
Jabber within this JEP038 by naming it ".jisp", because I think that 
this format could get a lot easier adopted in the world when nothing 
refers to Jabber, only some names of ".gem"s itself e.g. Rhymbox and 
Yabber theme (and in the future probably some others).

And Cbas (from Rhymbox) looked up the actual definition for a "gem" and 
it's: "Anything of small size, or expressed within brief limits, which 
is regarded as a gem on account of its beauty or value, as a small 
picture, a verse of poetry, a witty or wise saying." Which would be 
really perfect.

I'll better start a conversation with Theo before this is having the 
beginning proportions again :D. I wouldn't want to be thrown of this 
list ;)...

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