[JDEV] JEP038 (emoticon spec): is a transport tag really necessary?

Adam Theo theo at theoretic.com
Sun Aug 18 16:59:18 CDT 2002

If you will note in the latest development spec I pointed to at 
http://www.theoretic.com/index.cgi?IM_Icons/Styles , The <transport/> 
tag has been removed. I also realized it was too cumbersome, and decided 
to delegate that functionality to an <x/> tag instead. The <x/> tag in 
the spec would work just like the <x/> tag in the Jabber protocol. It 
could be used for any number of things, not just defining text strings 
for transports.

Your suggestion of using the language tag is appealing, although if you 
will again note, I currently have that restricted to ISO 639 values in 
the Schema, meaning the common 2-letter language codes seen around the 
'net. I could change it to allow for any arbitary string, but then I 
would have to do alot more explaining in the description of the document 
about what is allowed and what isn't. I want the Schema to do as much 
self-explaining as possible.

Another option is to create an XML Schema "complexType" that encompasses 
both ISO 639 language codes and the (hopefully) upcoming JANA JID Types 
of "gateway/msn" and "gateway/icq". This would be a bit difficult to 
define in the Schema, though, since that list doesn't exist yet.

> Hi,
> (the specification itself can be read through at: 
> http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0038.html )
> maybe it's a detail, but isn't a transport some sort of language on its 
> own? If you consider a transport as some sort of language, then you can use:
> <text language="msn">(b)</text>
> instead of
> <text transport="msn">(b)</text>
> what would make the spec a little bit easier.
> Going further in that same line, maybe you can see "ascii-art" as 
> another language:
> <text language="ascii">c|_|</text>
> So, the folowing could be all defined with the same tag:
> <text default="true" language="en">::beer::</text>
> <text language="nl">::bier::</text>
> <text language="msn">(b)</text>
> <text language="ascii">c|_|</text>
> Then you could ask the user what language he wants to use:
> "Plz select your preferred order:
> - English
> - Nederlands
> - The MSN Messenger way
> - Ascii-art
> "
> By preferred order I mean that maybe sb. first (e.g.) wants to use 
> ascii-art, then Nederlands, then English and then MSN-way, because not 
> all things will be clearly definable through e.g. ascii-art or maybe 
> some user wants an extent of the MSN-way through English?
> What do you think of this, I always learned to make things as simple as 
> possible :)
> greetings
> .mattias

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