[JDEV] New html tag in messages

Kriggs jabbermailer at rebirth-rpg.com
Sun Aug 18 22:56:39 CDT 2002

Right. I'm wondering if you can pass along some malicious tags in a <html/> 
block, such as <message/>, that some clients might pickup on and run even if 
they really shouldn't.


On August 17, 2002 09:42 pm, you wrote:
> I think that Kriggs in inquiring on the ability to nest IQ elements within
> the HTML element - rather than the other way around.
> From: "Sami Haahtinen" <ressu at ressukka.net>
> > it doesn't really matter what you pass on in the <IQ/> as long as it's
> > valid XML (which xhtml is) so you can add your own tags to the set as
> > you wish.
> >
> > Sami
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