[JDEV] JEP038 (emoticon spec) : file extension

Mattias Campe mattias.campe at rug.ac.be
Tue Aug 20 01:20:10 CDT 2002

Sami Haahtinen heeft geschreven:
> On Sun, Aug 18, 2002 at 05:49:27PM -0400, Adam Theo wrote:
>>According to some Google searches, the "gem" file extension is already 
>>being used and supported in many applications as a vector graphic file 
>>format. Neither "gisp" nor "jisp" are, however. I would use "gisp" but 
>>as I said, I realize this spec isn't perfect yet in a truely generic 
>>sense of the word. It could become alot more powerful as people go to 
>>expand it to do other things than just emoticons. But, We need to start 
>>somewhere, otherwise I'll end up spending the next year designing this 
>>spec and Jabber will go without a icon style system. And since this 
>>somewhere is icon styles in Jabber IM clients, I'll call it "Jabber Icon 
>>Style Package" until it deserves to be called generic.
> even though the draft is called Jabber Icon Style Package, it would be
> best if the file extension was .gisp, so that the file extension doesn't
> need to change in the future even though the name of the draft changes.
> Sami

I agree with Theo that ".gem" isn't a very good option if it seems to be 
some other popular format. But I also tend to agree with Sami that it 
would be better to call it wright away .gisp instead of .jisp, because I 
think it is generic enough to use the 'g' instead of 'j'.


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