[JDEV] Bots and Privacy => problem?

Mattias Campe mattias.campe at rug.ac.be
Tue Aug 20 06:53:15 CDT 2002


I love the principle of bots like news at jabberbuddy.com, but still, there 
could be a whole spam-company behind that Jabber bot and they will not 
only know my JID, but worse, they will know my e-mail adres (jippie, 
more spam :( ) *and* my telephone number *and* ... Of course, I can 
refuse to fill in my profile, but maybe I want my friends to know my 
personal information...

So my question is: "Is it possible to hide (certain) profile information 
in the roster for a certain group (eg. a group "bots") or even up to the 
level of the user?".

hoping this is possible

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