[JDEV] Fw: International Dating Etiquette

Glenn Willen vyrus at bnet.org
Tue Aug 20 12:35:17 CDT 2002

I would have to agree, it's extremely distasteful..... I run Linux, so I
couldn't have infected myself or detected the virus even if I tried to
open it, which I didn't, but I notified the sender that it was a virus
based on strong gut feeling alone. Apparently I was right.

		--Glenn Willen (vyrus at bnet.org)
		  BeachNet Network Administrator

{0} ok asr-disable cpu0
{0} ok asr-disable cpu1
Disabling all CPUs is strongly contra-indicated!

On Tue, 20 Aug 2002, Dave Smith wrote:

> For the record, I find this distasteful.
> Diz
> On Tuesday, August 20, 2002, at 01:09 , dave wrote:
> >  International Dating Etiquette CAUCASIAN WOMAN First date You get to
> > kiss her goodnight Second date You get to grope all over and make out
> > Third date You get to have sex in the missionary position BLACK WOMAN
> > First Date You get to buy her a real expensive dinner Second Date Your
> > get to buy
> > .
> > .
> > See the attachement
> >

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