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Mark Wilcox mark at mjwilcox.com
Tue Aug 20 21:40:36 CDT 2002

If you're doing it for fun, I would definitely say help out one of the
existing projects, we'll get a lot further by concentrating resources for
the moment than scattering them around in a bunch of half-baked systems.

If for some reason you feel absolutely compelled to do something from
scratch (a trait many programmers feel, in particular beginning ones), look
for a transport opportunity. For example an IMAP to Jabber gateway would be
very cool.

You get to write a server-like system from scratch, probably be as much fun
(or even more fun from satisfaction from providing such as an important
piece) and help grow the Jabber community.

Or perhaps you like playing with code. Go through jabberd line by line and
see what could be improved upon. And/or document the parts. I know
documentation seems so beneath us, but it's a great way to learn how to
program a system when you're new to the group. And I'm not talking War &
Peace here.  Just a few email/blogs would go a long way to improving things.

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> > Why do you want to develop a server? :)
> Just for fun :-)
> >
> > You might do better to contribute to some of the existing server
> efforts:
> OK - thanks!
> Niels
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