[JDEV] JX DNS Record?

Paul Holman pablos at shmoo.com
Wed Aug 21 05:01:49 CDT 2002

I'm new to the Jabber architecture and have a quick question about the 
long term plan for the protocol.  One of the clear advantages (over 
other IM systmes) seems to be user at hostname syntax for the JID.  This 
of course makes it possible for your email address to be your JID.  In 
deploying jabberd, it really begs to be loaded on the server where 
shmoo.com points and there appears to be no clean way to deploy at a 
different machine.  We went through this years ago with email, and the 
MX records for DNS were implemented to allow mail clients to find a 
mail server based on more than just hostname.  This makes email service 
somewhat portable across machines.  At any rate, I'd like to know if 
some solution for this dilemma has been contemplated by the Jabber 
architects, and whether standardizing on something simple like a "JX" 
record in DNS would be a smart thing to do.

Thanks, please cc me offlist as I don't follow jdev.

Paul Holman
The Shmoo Group
pablos at shmoo.com

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