[JDEV] Does Yahoo transport still work...

Bharath Kumar bharathk at oyeindia.com
Wed Aug 21 23:40:29 CDT 2002

Hi All
    I needed to know if the yahoo transport from jabber server works in some places. I know that the yahoo transport in jabber server is not supported further by Yahoo as they have changed their protocol, but then looking at the mails in the list i have a feeling that the transport still works. There are some service providers in India which have IMs which can connect to Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, AOL  (i think they must be using jabber to connect to the diff IM domains). They had a problem when yahoo changed their protocol but now they seem to have gotten around this. 

Is this true, if so how is this possible, or am i short of information on this.
Could someone please clarify my doubts. 

Note: I use jabber-1.4.2 as the server to connect to MSN, but my yahoo transport doesnt connect at all.

Bharath Kumar M S

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