[JDEV] Regarding adding Voice support in Jabber Client

Steven sgyah at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 27 08:51:26 CDT 2002

Voice is not typically carried via TCP/IP it is
typically UDP - this has its issues, but allows for
faster more controlled transport between the end
points.  H.323 is meant for telephone quality - full
duplex speech.  Using Jabber would probably allow a
record a few sentences & send type of communication. 
So if that is what you want then you are fine (except
it would be a fair amount of traffic if you did it
inband), otherwise you could launch a H.323
interactive voice conversation via some custom client
extensions and do full real time voice while keeping
the jabber sessions up.  Note that jabber's reach
would be farther as it can go through NAT/Firewalls
easier than the low latency requirements for full
duplex voice.

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