[JDEV] JX DNS Record?

Wing, Oliver owing at vianetworks.co.uk
Fri Aug 30 07:15:30 CDT 2002


> Jabber servers can (and do) use SRV records, but (as far as I know) no
> supports SRV lookups (yet?). This means that it's not yet possible to use
> email address as one's JID. Unfortunately.

This isn't entirely true. If an A record is placed at the same level as the
MX record, Jabber clients that don't support the SRV records will work.

Further, many clients allow you to diferntiate between the server address
and the domain. For example Disney used to use im.go.com as the servername,
but go.com as the JID suffix. It's only relevant to the JID's owner client,
as server-2-server communications (assuming the server is fully compliant)
will use SRV records.

[We did, at one point, use MX records in reverse order, but SRV records are
the proper way to do this]


Oliver Wing

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