[JDEV] Scalability Solution presented

Alper Tarhan jabber at papatya.com
Fri Feb 1 02:03:52 CST 2002

I don't know the very details of the internal implemantation, but i may have an idea for a farming solution.
It would be great if the experienced developers may present their ideas on it.
Here it goes:

- Assume you have a domain:  mydomain

- You form a farm of jabber servers:  jabber1.mydomain, jabber2.mydomain, ...., jabbern.mydomain each with their own FQDN registered and resolvable with their own name.

- Any user connects to one of these jabber servers through a load balancing mechanim (DNS round robin, smart swithches etc.) 

- You implement a central authentication database (such as LDAP or SQL) through which all of the servers do the authentication. The authentication must be done against only the userid part of the jid. And by the time the user is authenticated, the server that the user is connected updates the hostid part of the jid (may be implmented as a seperate field) on the central database.

- From now on, the jid must be formed dynamically by the needed functions by querying the current server for the userid. It should include the host that the user is currently logged on in the farm.

- You enable S2S communications within your jabber server farm so that the users in mydomain can talk to eachother although they are logged on to different servers.

- Roster functions and most probably many others should be modified to make use of  the dynamic jid within the farm.

As I said, I am not sure if the above solution is a working one or It can be implemented spending a reasonable effort.

There were many topics discussed in the past few weeks about scalability and the commercial server "MUST !".
I think the topic has cooled down but we should keep it hot.
We should spend more time thinking of the scalability issues as many people like me think so.

Best regards,

Alper Tarhan

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