[JDEV] Essential files for jabber server

John Reinke John.M.Reinke at mail.sprint.com
Tue Feb 5 16:32:08 CST 2002

I need to make an installation package of the precompiled server for
internal use, and I wanted to know which files should be copied in order
for it to run on a different machine (with fresh OS install). There is
apparently more to this than I expected, since I copied the jabber-1.4
directory structure on the same machine and found that the copied jabberd 
was using files from the original jabber-1.4 structure.

Since I compiled the jabber server from the source, I've got a ton of
files in my /usr/local/jabber-1.4 directory structure, but I shouldn't
need a 12 MB package just for the jabber server, JUD and conferencing,
should I? Do I need to keep the *.o files, etc? What about all the files
in the pth-1.3.7 directory and the pth-1.3.7/.libs directory?

What should I keep?


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