[JDEV] jabber.py problems

Zoe Drey Zoe.Drey at logilab.fr
Wed Feb 6 11:45:58 CST 2002

On Wed, 6 Feb 2002, Igor Stroh wrote:

> > > your site.py and change the line that says "encoding = 'ascii'" to
> > > "encoding = 'UTF-8'"
> > It is not a good thing (one Python hacker told me this, with some
> > arguments, that convinced me).
> > jabber.py should be fixed, so it uses proper encoding. 

> if you have doubts about changing your encoding from ascii to utf-8 you
> can still tell python to use the appropriate encoding from your locale
> settings as suggested on the page above...
> this problem, please send a patch or a solution proposal to jabber.py
> mailing list or just post in here, i'll forward the message to the list...

I think this is not a problem to keep xmlstream.ENCODING to
site.encoding, and it's not useful either to change it in jabber.py code :
this variable is accessible, so the simplest solution i took is just
importing and reassigning it in my module when i need another encoding...

Thanks very much for your help.:)
Zoé Drey

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