[JDEV] Re: jabber.py problems ( EASILY FIXED )

mallum breakfast at 10.am
Wed Feb 6 18:49:47 CST 2002

Ack! sorry I didn't catch this thread earlier, its seems to have
spiralled out of control.

Its not a problem with jabberpy but your Python setup. All you need to
do is edit your Python site.py file to change Pythons default encoding.

Look for the line;

encoding = "ascii"

in your pythons site.py ( In your Python lib directory, probably
something like /usr/local/lib/python2.1/ ) and change it to;

encoding = "utf-8" 

All should now be fine.

  -- mallum

on Tue, Feb 05, 2002 at 02:36:30PM +0100, Zoe Drey wrote:
> I tried jabber.py version 0.3-1, and i encountered a problem of encoding:
> I tried to send a message from Gabber to a jabber client that process
> jabber messages via jabber.py methods.(your example test_client.py for
> instance).
> When the body-text of the message contains any character with an accent, 
> those characters are replaced by a "?".
> (i also simply tried to display the data with utf-8 or iso-8859-1
> encoding, but it changed nothing, so i suspect this is more problably a
> replacement than a bad display of those data...)
> Do you have any idea of where this problem of encoding could come from?
> I don't think it's a Gabber problem, but i didn't find yet the origin of 
> the problem. 
> Thanks in advance for any help,
> -- 
> Zoé Drey

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