[JDEV] Dead links on jabber.org

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Thu Feb 7 04:34:59 CST 2002


I sent this mail some time ago but nothing happened. Is anybody out there
maintaining jabber.org?


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Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2002 14:17:42 +0100 (CET)
To: webmaster at jabber.org
Subject: Dead links on jabber.org


Some dead or otherwise non-working links on the Jabber Transports page

- Pager Transport
- BBS Transport
- Groove Transport
- (Magi Transport)
- (HTTP Transport)

I think it would be best to simply remove these entries.

The ICQ Transport entry points to the non-functional (old) ICQ Transport
only. I would propose to either change it to point to the new icqv7-t
(icqv7-t.sourceforge.net) or at least to add a link to icqv7-t (and
perhaps to AIM-t for it can be used for ICQ also). Also a notice ("ICQv5
can not connect to newer ICQ clients & has trouble with offline messages")
would be good.

Perhaps it would be best to rename the CVS ICQ-t module too (for example
"icq-transport" => "icqv5-old" or something).


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