[JDEV] roster out of sync w/ reality

Pat Mahoney patmahoney at gmx.net
Wed Feb 6 19:57:08 CST 2002

(please cc: me, not subscribed)

(using gabber 0.8.5 and jabber.org)

Numerous times my roster claims a contact is available when in fact he
is not.  It seems to happen when he (a dialup user) kills pppd without
explicitly logging out of jabber.  He can remain in this state of limbo
indefinitely (I've witnessed a 6 hour stretch).  It seems that he only
remains in limbo as long as no one attempts to contact him in any way
(either chatting or trying to extract client info, etc).

Even after someone (me) tries to chat with him while he is in limbo, it
takes a few (5, 10?  I'm not really sure, and it varies) minutes for
the roster to report him as offline.

I'm sorry I don't have a good reproducible case.  I consider this a bug
though, as it is extremely annoying.  For what it's worth, I never saw
this back when I used AIM, though I don't believe I ever had a buddy
who had no other buddies aside from me (as is the case with this
particluar jabber user).

Pat Mahoney	<patmahoney at gmx.net>
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