[JDEV] server config questions

zak zsy at photoalley.com
Thu Feb 7 10:55:15 CST 2002

i just installed the jabber server so i could do local testing for a client 
i'm developing.  anyway, i noticed a couple things that i'm assuming deal 
with the server configuration and was hoping someone could explain.  

first of all when my cleint sends the ending xml stream packet 
</stream:stream> i get no matching </stream:stream> sent back from the 
server.  however, when i test on jabber.org i do get the matching end stream 

secondly, when i retrieve my roster, from the server that i just installed, 
the roster items only include the attributes jid and subscription.  the name 
attribute is not included.  For example:

<item jid='xxx at jabber.org' subscription='both'><group>SomeGroup</group></item>

once again, when i connect to jabber.org the name attribute is set in my 
returned roster items.

additionally, when i register new accounts i do set the name and email fields 
and the are in the spool files on the server.  

is there something i need to add to jabber.xml to fix these issues?

thanks, zak.  

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