[JDEV] MSN Transport Behavior

Mark Hahn mhahn at gte.com
Thu Feb 7 16:38:40 CST 2002

I don't know whether the behavior I am experiencing is with the MSN 
transport, MSN Messenger or my own code but here goes.

I am using the 1.1 version of MSN transport. I have written yet 
another transport of my own that is using the msn transport.  My 
transport is able to log in as a MSN user via the msn transport and 
receive messages from buddies in MSN space. So far so good. What I 
have noticed though is that after a period of inactivity (5+ minutes 
or so), the  user that I logged in as via the msn transport goes off 
line yet the MSN transport still has a session and still thinks that 
user is around. MSN knows the user is gone. If I log in to MSN 
directly using the MSN client (using a different uid), sure enough 
that user id that I am using via my own transport (and that is a 
buddy of the uid that I just logged in with) shows the user is off 

Does MSN log you off if your connection is inactive for a short 
period of time? And if it does, why doesn't the MSN transport see 
that?  Do I not have all of the correct presence subscriptions in 

Anyone with insights on MSN, and/or MSN transport that could help me 
try to piece together what is going on, I would sure appreciate them.


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