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zak sy zsy at ix.netcom.com
Thu Feb 7 22:20:54 CST 2002

On Thursday 07 February 2002 05:08pm, you wrote:
> zak wrote:
> >i just installed the jabber server so i could do local testing for a
> > client i'm developing.  anyway, i noticed a couple things that i'm
> > assuming deal with the server configuration and was hoping someone could
> > explain.
> >
> >first of all when my cleint sends the ending xml stream packet
> ></stream:stream> i get no matching </stream:stream> sent back from the
> >server.  however, when i test on jabber.org i do get the matching end
> > stream back.
> This might be that they are using a different client connection
> management piece than you are. The opening and closing tags are usually
> sent programmatically, and the particular implementation may be flawed

i'm using the 1.4.1 version downloaded from: 


i basically just followed the install instructions from D.J. Adams' 
Programming Jabber book.  i'm assuming it's a pretty vanilla install 
procedure because there weren't any major server configurations made.

> >secondly, when i retrieve my roster, from the server that i just
> > installed, the roster items only include the attributes jid and
> > subscription.  the name attribute is not included.  For example:
> >
> ><item jid='xxx at jabber.org'
> > subscription='both'><group>SomeGroup</group></item>
> Odd - are you setting the names?
> >additionally, when i register new accounts i do set the name and email
> > fields and the are in the spool files on the server.
> I don't understand.

i hope this clears things up.  i have a feeling it's something stupid.

the registration request:

<iq type="get" id="P10002" to="localhost">
   <query xmlns="jabber:iq:register" />


<iq type='result' id='P10002'>
   <query xmlns='jabber:iq:register'>
      Choose a username and password to register with this server.

i then register a user via the snippet below.  it's this 'name' field that 
i'm assuming gets returned as a roster item when someone subscribes to this 
users presence.

<iq type="set" id="Q10003" to="localhost">
   <query xmlns="jabber:iq:register">
      <name>bob smith</name>
      <email>abc at foo.com</email>

the server returns the following so i assume everything is ok.  i verify by 
connecting and authenticating as this user.

<iq type='result' id='Q10003'/>

finally, i check the spool file created by the server to make sure the 'name' 
field was indeed set, and it is.  here's the data:

<xdb><query xmlns='jabber:iq:last' last='1013140921' 
xdbns='jabber:iq:last'>Registered</query><zerok xmlns='jabber:iq:auth:0k' 
xmlns='jabber:iq:auth' xdbns='jabber:iq:auth'>secret</password><query 
xmlns='jabber:iq:register' xdbns='jabber:iq:register'><name>bob 
smith</name><email>abc at foo.com</email><x xmlns='jabber:x:delay' 
stamp='20020208T04:02:01'>registered</x></query><foo xdbns='jabber:x:offline' 
xmlns='jabber:x:offline'><message from='localhost' to='bob1 at localhost'>
        <body>Welcome to the Jabber server at localhost -- we hope you enjoy 
this service! For information about how to use Jabber, visit the Jabber 
User&apos;s Guide at http://docs.jabber.org/</body>
      <x xmlns='jabber:x:delay' from='bob1 at localhost' 
stamp='20020208T04:02:01'>Offline Storage</x></message></foo></xdb>

as you can see the 'name' field data was successfully saved.  

i hope this helps to shed some light on the problem.

thanks, i appreciate the help. 


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