[JDEV] jabber newbie need help for XDB

mike pablo jabberd2002 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 8 11:41:02 CST 2002

I am running Jabber-1.4.2-test2 in Redhat Linux 7.1, I
have an accept component, when I send the following
packet from my component:
<xdb to="user1 at mylinux.com/Work" from="mycompoment"
id="0" type="get" ns="jabber:iq:auth"></xdb>

I got back:
<xdb to="mycomponent" from="user1 at mylinux.com/Work"
id="0" type="result" ns="jabber:iq:auth"></xdb>

user1 at mylinux.com is a registered user with the jabber
server, my question is why the returned xdb packet
doesn't include user1's password? Do I need to add
something to jabber.xml to use the xdb query?


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