[JDEV] jabber server 1.4.2 release

Al Sutton al at alsutton.com
Sat Feb 9 02:47:53 CST 2002

I missed getting a bug in against -test3.

My previous experience with -test2 and 1.4.2 were that I always had >10%
load on the box on which it was running.

The stats for -test3 were always >80%!!!! I've repeated this twice and
hit this load after 24hrs.

Heres a random snapshot...

 08:40:07 up 108 days, 12:15,  9 users,  load average: 1.75, 1.82, 1.84
234 processes: 224 sleeping, 2 running, 7 zombie, 1 stopped
CPU states:  80.9% user,  17.5% system,   0.1% nice,   1.5% idle
Mem:    647252K total,   636632K used,    10620K free,    13104K buffers
Swap:   996020K total,   558832K used,   437188K free,    93832K cached

14117 alsutton  13   0  129M 129M   716 R    53.3 20.4 497:56 jabberd

This is without transports, with a low number of users, I've attached my
config file for examination.

I'll pull the release version down and hope for the best.


On Fri, 2002-02-08 at 19:54, Jeremie wrote:
> It's finally here :)
> http://jabberd.jabberstudio.org/downloads/jabber-1.4.2.tar.gz
> You can check out some docs on everything that's been updated/added at
> http://jabberd.jabberstudio.org/1.4/ and in particular
> http://jabberd.jabberstudio.org/1.4/142changelog.html
> If anyone who's done a package of any kind (deb, rpm, sun pkg, other
> binaries, etc) and has time to update or create one for 1.4.2, just email
> it to me at jer at jabber.org and I'll put it up on the site.
> I'd like to personally thank all of you that have helped with this
> release, either directly with bug reports and patches, and indirectly by
> just setting it up, running it, answering questions, and developing
> services/clients that use it.  I'm really looking forward to the 1.5
> development series and making the platform even stronger and easier to use
> for everyone, taking Jabber, XML, and IM to new heights :-)
> Thanks,
> Jer
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