[JDEV] Re: MSN transport

German Pablo de la Cruz gerlc at ciudad.com.ar
Mon Feb 11 08:03:58 CST 2002

Yes, but the roster maintain the contacts. I mean, I must delete the

Beside, if I delete a contact, it continue subscribed on the messenger
list. I don't know if it is a malfunction of the transport or what.

Another think I observe is that I can block all contacts on MSN at once,
but I can't block only one. Why?

>You can always "unplug" from the MSN network by removing the MSN
>from your roster.

>Personally I deleted all the gateways from my roster a few weeks ago
>I've been much happier since then. ;)


Peter Saint-Andre
email+jabber: stpeter at jabber.org
web: http://www.saint-andre.com/

On Thu, 31 Jan 2002, German Pablo de la Cruz wrote:

> There are a simple way to erase all my contact from MSN. I mean, if i
> want to see all my MSN buddies any more, how i eliminate them??
> Thanks!

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