[JDEV] XDB problem with upper-case JID

mike pablo jabberd2002 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 13 09:05:47 CST 2002

When a new user is registered, jabber server always
create user.xml under ./spool/server/, no matter if
the JID contains upper-case letter or not, filename
user.xml is always lower-case, but when I sent a XDB
packet to jabber server like:
<xdb to="User1 at mylinux.com" from="mycompoment" id="0"
type="get" ns="jabber:iq:auth"></xdb>
jabber server dump debug message "xdb_file failed to
open file: ./spool/server/user.xml", here the xdb_file
component try to load the xml file based on user name,
but with case-sensitive mode, so it failed. Can
anybody explain this behavior? or it is a possible


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