[JDEV] more p2p & jabber File Sharing

Matthias Wimmer jabber at matthias-wimmer.de
Wed Feb 13 15:13:14 CST 2002

Hi Edrin!

aliban at gmx.net schrieb am 2002-02-13 19:14:27:
> The advantages of not using http is that someone who is in an 
> intranet can still connect outside and upload a file. you can?t 
> upload to http.

Read the HTTP specs. You can upload (PUT) files with HTTP.

> In addition to that why do we need some special 
> p2p communication if we have already a xml conenction with jabber 
> that we can use to control the transfer.

Because it's stupid to route all the traffic through the server.
- Your files are binary data, XML is not very good in handling that,
- you generate much unnecessary load for the server.
I don't think that file sharing over jabber is scaleable. I will maybe
work with a few clients but not a the scale of a grown up P2P network.

> we can?t use http/ftp for the filesharing because other ppl would be 
> able to download the files with the webbrowser...

Both protocols have support for passwords that can be used for that. If
passwords a not good enough you can use http over SSL with certificates.
Also you can make checks based on the accessing IP.
By putting the data over a raw TCP/IP connection there is now additional
security (I even don't think there is ANY security).
But using HTTP as transfer protocol has the one big advantage that it
will even work over proxies.

> jabberFS has a mysql databse with the filenames in it. a php page 
> could enable a http search for files... if the clients offer it with a http 
> or ftp ppl can simply download it with their webbrowser and the 
> wouldn NOT be forced (hmm...) to use jabber and they wont offer 
> files themself :)

If they don't wont to offer you can't force them to do. If you try to
they will even not use your product.
Use as much existing protocols as you can and the support for your
protocol will be much better. It has to be easy for developers to add
support to their clients. They don't want to implement everything from
And to me your protocol does not only seem to be the reinvention of the
wheel ... it also seems to be much to complicated. The simple protocols
rule the world. Look at the protocols that are in wide use at the
internet: TCP/IP, SMTP, NNTP, IRC, HTTP, ... they are all damn simple.

Tot kijk
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