[JDEV] File transfer ideas

Ben Schumacher ben-jdev at blahr.com
Fri Feb 15 17:04:11 CST 2002

On Fri, 15 Feb 2002 jankowski at bigwhoop.org wrote:
> I think it would be a cool if a client implemented an
> in-client-temporary-mini-httpd, using any port they wanted, to serve files
> to those requesting them.  Seems like you could roll enough security into
> the randomness of a generated URI to do at least what any other idea
> would, or at a minimum provide as much security as your jabber
> conversation would otherwise have.  That also keeps file transfer as p2p,
> and doesnt burden the server.

Indeed. But you should provide the ability to use port 80, if possible.
This would allow some workarounds/workthrus for people behind firewalls.
Obviously, on Unix systems, you wouldn't be able to do this without root,
but on MacOS/Windoze systems, it would be useful.

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