[JDEV] File Transfer Features

Mike Mintz gmike87 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 15 18:43:11 CST 2002

For any implementation, keep in mind file transfer is
not just for instantaneous transfer between two users.
 It would be nice to expand it so it could support
some of the following advantages.

Mike wants to show everyone in his office his new
proposal file, without attaching it and sending to
every user.  So he uploads the file to the component
(of whatever type is standard) and sends some kind of
OOB message to every member of his office.

Mike is hosting a music writing contest and asks all
contestants to upload their music in some format to
his folder on his particular transfer component.  He
wants to make them publically downloadable after the
contest is over.  There should be a way for any Jabber
user to access that directory from their
transfer-supporting client.

Also, by having publically downloadable files, we can
set up x:data to work with it and users can search. 
There could also be a central gateway which handles
search requests and sends them to well-known servers
for particular types of files.

Maybe it should be required to send a Jabber IQ to the
component before downloading via HTTP.  That might be
necessary for some access control and useful for
statistics and logging.  We could also use that
"Request IQ" for requesting such things like forum
messages, offline messages, public groupchat logs, and
other things that might not be downloaded HTTP.

 - MikeM (mikem at jabber.org)

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