[JDEV] File Transfer Features

David Sutton dsutton at legend.co.uk
Fri Feb 15 19:11:04 CST 2002

The protocols are fine, they were designed for that purpose, and will
work. The only thing people may ask for is authentication. I looked at
what I wrote and its storage again. I'll have to look at webdav more
than just knowing it exists, but from what I do know, its one of the
best ways to go. Why reinvent the wheel .. the protocols are there, the
technology exists, lets design and integrate :)


On Sat, 2002-02-16 at 00:59, Julian Missig wrote:
> Yes, every single person talking about file transfer stuff is talking
> about the same thing. What everyone wants is more permanent caching of
> files... something like webdav. I really feel it's a waste of mental
> power to constantly come up with examples for why this is needed. I and
> others are very well aware of the need for it. However, I would rather
> figure out the problems with the current file transfer protocols and get
> them fixed along with adding things such as webdav-like caching.
> (Possibly even using webdav...)
> Julian
> On Fri, 2002-02-15 at 19:43, Mike Mintz wrote:
> > For any implementation, keep in mind file transfer is
> > not just for instantaneous transfer between two users.
> >  It would be nice to expand it so it could support
> > some of the following advantages.
> > 
> > Mike wants to show everyone in his office his new
> > proposal file, without attaching it and sending to
> > every user.  So he uploads the file to the component
> > (of whatever type is standard) and sends some kind of
> > OOB message to every member of his office.
> > 
> > Mike is hosting a music writing contest and asks all
> > contestants to upload their music in some format to
> > his folder on his particular transfer component.  He
> > wants to make them publically downloadable after the
> > contest is over.  There should be a way for any Jabber
> > user to access that directory from their
> > transfer-supporting client.
> > 
> > Also, by having publically downloadable files, we can
> > set up x:data to work with it and users can search. 
> > There could also be a central gateway which handles
> > search requests and sends them to well-known servers
> > for particular types of files.
> > 
> > Maybe it should be required to send a Jabber IQ to the
> > component before downloading via HTTP.  That might be
> > necessary for some access control and useful for
> > statistics and logging.  We could also use that
> > "Request IQ" for requesting such things like forum
> > messages, offline messages, public groupchat logs, and
> > other things that might not be downloaded HTTP.
> > 
> >  - MikeM (mikem at jabber.org)
> > 
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