[JDEV] File Transfer Features

Moz moz_nz at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 16 19:29:44 CST 2002

Mike Mintz wrote:
> Mike wants to show everyone in his office his new
> proposal file, without attaching it and sending to
> every user.  So he uploads the file to the component
> (of whatever type is standard) and sends some kind of
> OOB message to every member of his office.

This works fine, until we hit the internet and suddenly
bandwidth costs money. From a business point of view
multicast transfers are a means for clients to push
costs onto whoever runs the server. Personally, I doubt
there will be a lot of Jabber servers doing this. It
is, after all, one of the major reasons why p2p file
transfers took off.

> Also, by having publically downloadable files, we can
> set up x:data to work with it and users can search. 

You mean like Tucows and Napster? [1]

I think this is also a boundary discussion: are we trying
to make Jabber capable of doing everything that "the 
internet" can do? If not, where do we draw the line?

[1] I don't mean that as a variant Godwins invocation, BTW.

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