[JDEV] Specification 1.0 for Wireless Village

Iain Shigeoka iainshigeoka at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 16 23:48:13 CST 2002

On 2/15/02 5:21 AM, "Matthias Wimmer" <jabber at matthias-wimmer.de> wrote:

> Matthias Wimmer schrieb am 2002-02-15 13:52:10:
>> Maybe somebody is interested in the new specification for "Wireless
>> Village". It's an "Instant Messaging and Presence Services" protocol for
>> mobil terminals.
> http://www.wireless-village.org/

Very interesting.

At the very least we should keep it on the radar as a possible interop
target.  I read through some of the specs and I'm not sure how many Jabber
people will be interested in the TCP/IP binding though (HTTP.)  Because of
the differences, I'd say its not worth getting too worked up about until
they show actual, serious deployment and usage.  I'd be interested to hear
others opinions.


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