[JDEV] Component Architecture Question

Jim Kissel jlk at pobox
Sun Feb 17 10:01:01 CST 2002

We have a problem where we need to allow about 6000 client/end users
view about 3000 individual widgets.  Each widget has about 10 fields 
associated with it which are updated in realtime in a database.
There can be 500,000+ updates to the widget database each day.

Any of the end users can 
	a)	look at any widget and view all the fields
	b)	look at a list of widget and view all the fields
	c)	look at a list of widget and view a subset of the fields
	d)	when an end users logs in, they should get the current state
		of a widget or list of widgets, and not all the previous update
(Yes. we will have to create a special client application to view this data)

We believe we can service 6000 clients by using multiple Jabber servers
and we don't have a problem extracting, streaming or distributing the
500,000+ updates each day as we already handle that in other processes.

Can Jabber handle this many small messages?

Would it be best to make each widget an item that could be subscribed to,
or is there a better way?

As mentioned, end users can view a list of widgets.  They will want to
have several lists, and switch between them.  Any thoughts on this type
of context switching?  i.e. Unsubscribe list_A Subscribe list_B

You input will be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance

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