[JDEV] File Transfer Proposals

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Mon Feb 18 14:08:33 CST 2002

If all you're doing is sending or receiving a file, I really don't think
HTTP or FTP are too bloated. In the end, after you've reimplemented
every feature from HTTP/FTP we'll want, like resuming, the amount of
work put in to creating such a protocol will be so much more than just
using HTTP and FTP. Don't tell me you can't find a library to add HTTP
or FTP support. I'm fairly certain that most people getting a CS degree
have to write one or the other at some point in their studies, so it's
not like they're impossible to find.


On Mon, 2002-02-18 at 06:35, Richard Dobson wrote:
> The main problems I see are that HTTP/FTP are far too bloated protocols, all
> is really needed just like msn, icq, and aim is just a basic protocol for
> sending the file p2p, thats what IM file transfers are, you dont need all
> this storing of files for offline users and uploading to HTTP servers, if
> someone wants to send a file to someone who is offline they will email it to
> them, if someone wants to put the file up and lets lots of people access it
> they will upload it to their website, there is no need to make this a
> hundred times more complicated than it needs to be, all IM file transfer
> needs to be is a quick way to send files p2p, and the best way I see of
> doing that is just opening up a socket, get the other person to connect and
> then just stream the data to them, maybe with a few control messages sent
> over the xml stream, and if they are behind NAT's and could not connect then
> just make it automatically retry using PASS instead of a direct connection,
> lets just keep this simple guys. This way it keeps things simple you dont
> have to have the bloat and insecurity of having a HTTP/FTP server/client
> software built into the client, it also helps keep things more legally
> safe/secure as the files are not being saved anywhere other than on the
> machines of the two people sending/receiving the file, and also saves on
> having to setup all sorts of webdav storage servers and all the unnesessary
> complexity and cost thats involves.
> Well just my 2p.
> Rich

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