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Wed Feb 20 06:39:01 CST 2002

Hi michael

I am trying to figure out what you are doing. Have you checked the 
xdb_sql module? it has support for connecting to a db through odbc?

Maybe if you send your debug log some one would be able to help.

Michel Oosterbeek wrote:

> Hi all,
> So far I have gotten no response to my question. I really hope someone is
> able to provide me with an answer as my graduation depends on it :o)
> I'm using Jabber 1.4.1 on Red Hat 7.2 and I've tried to get XDB-ODBC
> running, but for some reason nothing much seemed to happen.
> Because after numerous attempts to get it right there were still no results,
> I decided to give it a try myself, and started writing my own version. Again
> I encountered a problem. I may have misunderstood the way xdb_file works,
> but as far as I could comprehend the code, there are only two 'locations'
> where the actual file (user.xml) is accessed:
> In xdb_file.c:
> - in the function  "xdb_file_load"  I found
>   "xmlnode_file(fname)"   (I suppose this is where the read is done?)
> - in the function "xdb_file_phandler"  I found
>   "xmlnode2file(full,file)"   (so here the file is saved?)
> And so all I did was simply replacing these two lines with my own 2
> functions.  These functions simply "cut" the full pathname in to pieces and
> determine the server_jid, username, etc...  Next, I use this info to store
> the file into my database using ODBC. So I didn't change any code in Jabber
> except for those two lines in xdb_file.c.
> Now for my problem. My code seems to work fine. Running it seperately from
> Jabber gives good results with retrievals, storing, etc. When I run Jabber
> with a debugger, I can see the database is accessed, and the retrieval is
> done properly. The user passes authorisation, so that "should" mean my code
> gave back the user.xml all right.   But still, something must be wrong as
> after authorisation I get a segmentation fault and an error from dnssrv.c.
> Can anyone tell me what it is I am overlooking? Probably something more is
> happening then just the read/write action I mentioned above...
> Thanks in advance,
> Michel.
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