[JDEV] Conferencing - how to set up permanent rooms

Esteban Chiner Sanz echiner at es.wanadoo.com
Wed Feb 20 11:16:09 CST 2002

Take a look at the README file enclosed in the Conference module.
You have to create public conference rooms. This way:

<service id='conference.localhost'>
  <conference xmlns="jabber:config:conference">
      <FN>Public Chatrooms</FN>
      <DESC>This service is for public chatrooms.</DESC>
      <join> has become available</join>
      <leave> has left</leave>
      <rename> is now known as </rename>
    <room jid="help at conference.localhost">
      <name>Assistance Zone</name>
    <room jid="admin at conference.localhost">
      <name>Adminz only</name>
        <join> just rocks!</join>
        <leave> gets lost</leave>
        <rename> feels it is more important to be known as </rename>

Add this section to the browse area of the jsm service to advertise it
to your users:

    <conference type="public" jid="conference.localhost" name="Public

I have attached the README file just in case you don't have it.


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Is it possible yet to have permanent group chat rooms ("lounges") set up

on a conference server rather than users having to create these rooms if

they are first on the server?

If it is, how do I do it and can I make the rooms limited to certain IDs




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