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Wayne Pinette wayner at savagesoftware.com
Wed Feb 20 13:13:17 CST 2002

Hi, I am currently writing my own java client which is nothing more than a simple test
for what Im really interested in, and that is a very solid java connnection package.
(I know al sutton has one, but I prefer my design over his...nothing personal al :-)

At any rate, my big question right now revolves around conferences.  Holy crap, is the
documentation that I have read on www.jabber.org not helping me :-|

Im coding for 1.4 and all Im trying to do is enter an already created conference.

I start with the documented 
<iq type='get' to='help at conference.localhost'>
    <enter xmlns='jabber:iq:conference'/>
 which gets me the proper result in the documentation

next I do : 
<iq type='set' to='help at conference.localhost'>
    <enter xmlns='jabber:iq:conference'>

this gives me forbidden error.
so I change nickname to nick (cause thats what the response actually gave me)
and same error.

realising the doc is in draft state, and it may be out of date, I then
fire up winjab, run my server in debug mode and see whats up.
At this point, I realise it is not an enter iq but rather a query iq
(that is what winjab sends)  so I do this :

<iq type='set' to='help at conference.localhost'>
    <query xmlns='jabber:iq:conference'>
<iq type='set' to='help at conference.localhost'>
    <query xmlns='jabber:iq:conference'>
I still get a forbidden error.  Does anyone have any advice for me?  Im kind
of at a loss.

One thing  I should note actually is that the nick/nickname element actually 
looks like <nick xmlns="">wayner</nick> because my dom library seems to want
to do that if there is an xmlns somewhere in the node tree.  But I don't think
that should really matter.


My apologies if this has been asked before...I am knew to this list.

like al, when I am done my connection package, I plan on making it public somehow.
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