[JDEV] Jabber server redirection

Dave dave at dave2.dave.tj
Wed Feb 20 14:55:27 CST 2002

Did my message about forwarding ports 5222 and 5269 make it to the
mailing list?

 - Dave

"Thomas Parslow (PatRat)" wrote:
> > I would like to be able to set up jabber in my company so that people can
> > have a jabber ID of id at company.com, rather than id at jabber.sub.company.com
> > when we run a server on jabber.sub.company.com.  Is there a way to do that,
> > or a plan to be able to do that at some point?  It's conceivable that I'd
> > be able to run a small redirection server on the machine called company.com,
> > but it has to use very little resources because the primary purpose of that
> > machine is web service.  In fact, I'm thinking I might want to set up
> > the redirection server to lookup up IDs in a database and redirect people
> > to different servers for load balancing.  Any suggestions?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > - Dave Dykstra
> Hi,
> How about using SRV record for the domain? The Jabber server should
> recognize the SRV record (it's supported it since 1.2 afaik) and
> connect to wherever it points to for S2S. You'd need to add something
> like this to the DNS zone for company.com:
> _jabber._tcp    IN SRV  30 30 5269 jabber.sub.company.com
> The problem with this is getting the clients to connect to the correct
> server, if you just set them to connect to "jabber.sub.company.com" then
> they will send "jabber.sub.company.com" as the to attribute of the
> opening <stream:stream> tag which makes the server look for
> "jabber.sub.company.com" in the spool directory.
> The only solution I can see to this is for clients to support
> connecting to an address which is different from the server name. In
> the client I am developing I allow the user to specify the name of the
> server in the username field by entering it in the form:
> user at server.com.
> Does anyone have any other ideas on how to do this?
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