[JDEV] conferences

David Waite mass at akuma.org
Thu Feb 21 12:06:27 CST 2002

Iain Shigeoka wrote:

>On 2/20/02 11:13 AM, "Wayne Pinette" <wayner at savagesoftware.com> wrote:
>>At any rate, my big question right now revolves around conferences.  Holy
>>crap, is the
>>documentation that I have read on www.jabber.org not helping me :-|
>:)  have you tried getting plain old, basic groupchat working first?
>>One thing  I should note actually is that the nick/nickname element actually
>>looks like <nick xmlns="">wayner</nick> because my dom library seems to want
>>to do that if there is an xmlns somewhere in the node tree.  But I don't think
>>that should really matter.
>Hmm.  I don't know exactly what jabberd will do in this case.  It would seem
>that an empty xmlns resets the default namespace to nothing for the node
>which cancels out the previous default...  I'd really try fixing that first
>(plus you'll save your client a bit of bandwidth)
With all current server implementations I'm aware of, this probably 
won't matter as they do not enable namespace support. For a server which 
really supports namespaces correctly, this could break badly, as it will 
be looking for the nickname within the appropriate namespace, and not 
any node in any namespace with a local name of 'nick'.
When you add the element to the DOM tree, specify the namespace of the 
element as the namespace in which it belongs. When it serializes the 
DOM, it should only show it once. But by leaving the namespace empty, 
you are specifying that the namespace it is in is really "", and it 
specifies xmlns="" to indicate that it has changed the default namespace.

-David Waite

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