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David Waite mass at akuma.org
Thu Feb 21 14:31:10 CST 2002

Wayne Pinette wrote:

>Aah this makes sense, and thank you david for that has indeed fixed my xml output problem.
>On the original task at hand, it seems I was being a bit of a moron, and for entering the room
>I was not filling out the from field of the iq request.  It does seem to be <iq><enter>...
>I seem to be entering the room find, but Im getting a 403 Forbidden error when doing (after entering)
><message type="groupchat" from="wayner at localhost" to"help at conference.localhost">....</message>
>According to the docs that I have, Im suppose to get a result back from the <iq><enter> request
>but the only thing I get back is a message from the group chat room that wayner has joined.
>Just wondering again if this is normal.  Thanks everyone for your help..and if you have any quick ideas
>as to the forbidden problem on sending messages, much obliged.. :-)
Unfortunately groupchat is in a state of flux right now (and 
unfortunately, it is my fault..). The 1.4 server includes a 'conference' 
module which implements a protocol known as generic conferencing - this 
is no longer owned technically by anyone, and isn't being pushed forward 
as a standard. I proposed a different specification for something called 
'jabber conferencing framework', which took the generic conferencing 
stuff and added features, defined behavior a bit, defined events on the 
stream so that they didn't need to be sent as plaintext, and defined the 
concept of an extension. There are two implementations of this which I 
know of - an IRC transport done by Benoit, and a native implementation I 
did for Jabber, Inc. which they sell commercially (and I believe 
included in the downloadable JCP Express version). That implementation 
adds a few optional extensions, and also changes the namespace used to 
'jcf-draft3' (since jabber:iq:conference is used by generic 
conferencing, and neither should have used a jabber:* namespace until 
they became official standards)

Right now, the only 'standard' way of doing groupchat is the original 
groupchat protocol. On the positive side, this is the simplest protocol 
possible. On the negative side, there are a lot of features you simply 
can't expose via groupchat, such as password-protected rooms. Hopefully 
work on finishing the standard resumes soon.

-David Waite

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