[JDEV] Managing the Desktop with Jabber

Justin infiniti at affinix.com
Fri Feb 22 17:51:02 CST 2002

Hello, this is my first post to the list.  Hope it all goes through ok. :)

So you want to be notified of new messages with the least screen real-estate 
possible and on a per-user basis?  My recommendation is to use a client with 
sound events.  Dockapp/icons are second best, as they take up very little 
space and can animate/flash when something happens.

Having sound (or other) event settings on a per-user basis is a very cool 
idea.  I plan to put that into my client someday :)


On Thursday 21 February 2002 15:27, you wrote:
> >I'm interested in how others do this.  Of course, it's going to be client
> >dependent.  I'd love to know how others have envisioned solutions to this
> >problem too.  Transparent pop-up windows would be pretty sweet.  Iconified
> >individual conversations maybe too.  Just curious.

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