[JDEV] Component/XDB Question

Mike Mintz gmike87 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 25 23:04:17 CST 2002

I am trying to write a component, and it needs to
store a spool of
messages.  I want to use XDB for storing and
retrieving.  I want to
store every message in XDB files for the component,
not for individual
users that use the component.  Since JID's on the
component don't
really exist on the server, would it be possible to
set XDB on a
component JID?

Also, I don't want to download and upload the entire
message spool at a
time via XDB; I would like to just download and upload
one message at a
time.  Would I have to set a separate namespace for
each message, like
mikem:message:1 and mikem:message:2?

Thank you,
 - MikeM (mikem at jabber.org)

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