[JDEV] Question about cable modems

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue Feb 26 10:29:13 CST 2002

Well, what are you using it for? To run your own personal server, to run a
public server, to offer Jabber services to a few friends? You can run a
test server over a 56k line but if you want the server to always be on
(thus handling offline messages and such) you'll probably want a cable
modem or DSL line.


Peter Saint-Andre
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On Tue, 26 Feb 2002 JAlexa9898 at aol.com wrote:

> If I wanted to configure a Jabber server do you think having a cable modem 
> would be a good place to start if I do not have one? I have a 56K modem right 
> now but I figure if I have a cable modem I can have a 24hour connection. I 
> hope this is  not a silly question and if it is I apologize.

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