[JDEV] The "OpenAIM" Project

admin at jabber.fsinf.de admin at jabber.fsinf.de
Wed Jan 9 05:05:23 CST 2002

On Tue, 8 Jan 2002, Jeremie wrote:

> There is a very simple reason why any approach like this is doomed to
> failure.  
> As far as I can tell, the technique AOL is/was using to track the IPs
> being used by aim.jabber.org was that they had a dummy AIM account and
> registered the transport to use it via jabber like any normal user does.

Well, most simple is perhaps to set up the transport not on the Jabber
server (with a fixed IP) but on a machine that has got a dynamic IP. AOL
simply can not block dynamic IPs since if they do they will also block
"real" AIM users once they get that blocked IP when dialing up their ISP.
Bandwith should not be a problem with DSL or something similar.

Also, a server admin should block all traffic coming from AOL to prevent
AOL staff from setting up Jabber AIM-t accounts in order to get your
transport's IP.

This is of course only a technical approach. Some "political" work should
be done also of course.


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