[JDEV] The Important Things

Ashvil ashvil at i3connect.net
Thu Jan 10 01:19:05 CST 2002

> The end-user technology is not compelling enough yet to make average users
> of the big IM services come over to form a critical mass of Jabber users,
> regardless of what their ISPs say.

As a client developer that hurts but that's a true statement. How can we
open a conversation between Jabber end users, server developers and client

One idea is an Open Survey at Jabber.org to find the compelling feature set
that a Jabber client requires. Does this make sense. If so, I can develop a
survey like this.  Can we host this at Jabber.org?

>I suspect that we would have difficulty
> at this point supporting that many users; relative to the other services,
> Jabber tends to be more complex and has a considerable learning curve of
> its own.

With regards to scalabilty, I feel that we need to move to the Apache and
SendMail model. Millions of small servers in different domains, rather then
AOL's centralized model. If some ISP still demands scalabilty, then they can
choose Jabber.com's JCS.

>But we are finding new metaphors in our clients; our protocol and
> server software is evolving; and we as a community are slowly learning our
> strengths and weaknesses so that we can capitalize and anticipate.

One of the biggest strengths that Jabber has is that it allows a sysadmin to
setup their own IM server, that can communicate to the outside world. We
need to leverage this to make Jabber grow via the grassroots way like Apache
and Mozilla.


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