[JDEV] The Important Things

Ashvil ashvil at i3connect.net
Thu Jan 10 06:11:41 CST 2002

> Ashvil wrote:
> > With regards to scalabilty, I feel that we need to move to the Apache
> > SendMail model. Millions of small servers in different domains, rather
> > AOL's centralized model. If some ISP still demands scalabilty, then they
> > choose Jabber.com's JCS.
> So i don't understand why somebody is
> saying something like this on a mailing list
> about opensource project.

First of all, I don't work for Jabber.com or will gain if they do well.

I do care that Jabber does well. For me, Jabber is a community that includes
the Jabber open source server, other proprietary servers like JCS, Jabcast,
etc., open source clients WinJab, etc., proprietary clients like Jabber IM,
Vista, etc., clients libraries, server modules, innovative stuff like
Jogger, etc. and finally the end users who use Jabber. From the technical
side we are bound by the Jabber specification. So Jabber to me is MORE then
just an Open Source project. I think this is the view in the Jabber
community also, but if I am wrong, please correct me.

With regard to my comment on JCS, my position is connecting to a Jabber
server (whether open source or not) is better then connecting to an AOL
server. Using a client supporting the Jabber protocol (whether open source
or not) is better then using the AIM client. Both the actions GROW the
jabber community, so if I want to use the open source versions of either the
client or server, I can MAKE that choice. With the CLOSED AOL AIM protocol,
that choice is not possible.

>it's ok we can stop developing the server.

I never said in my email that we need to stop development of the server. I
support your desire to for Jabber to be 'the best server'. All I said were
two things with regards to the Jabber server, which I am expanding and
repeating here
1. If the Jabber server is used in a distributed fashion like sendmail and
Apache, then that reduces the scalability requirements.
2. For ISPs that demand more scalability, let them use JCS, etc. now instead
of choosing some closed solution like Odigo or co-branding AOL, Yahoo, etc.
That way, when the jabber server meets their requirements, they can adopt it


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