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Michael F. March march at indirect.com
Thu Jan 10 13:38:11 CST 2002

Scale of serverDo you know of a Jabber server that has had 3K users on at one time?

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  Jabber can handle 3000 concurrent users with no problem.  The only problem you will have is that the select() function in Linux is hard coded to a certain number of sockets.  In kernel 2.4 that limit is 1024.  You can either recompile the kernel to allow more, or you can use dpsm or jpolld as your socket manager.  These socket managers use the poll() function instead of select() and are not subject to the limit.  You will however have to increase the number of file descriptors you can have open per process.  This can be done in a startup script that calls ulimit.


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  I'm planing an instalation of jabber server in a isp, we have aprox 3000 concurrent users (i dont know wich porcentage will use our messanger) our client base is 150k users.

  Wich is the best implementation for this numbers? 
  Is jabber prepared for this? 
  Are all the transports able to work in this client base? 

  Thanks for your help! 

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