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James Barry JMBarry at jabber.com
Fri Jan 11 12:58:46 CST 2002

So far as the scalability that this thread has discussed, I want to make a
quick statement on that from the Jabber Inc. perspective. 

We have made our own version of Jabber highly scalable.  We believe we can
scale to 250,000 + simultaneous clients (we have yet to reach our limit, but
testing validates at least 250,000 users with our current testing harness)
If you want to see some beginning extremely large rollouts, look at Disney
http://im.go.com or iwon
me&SEC=comm or wait for Bell South, Wannado or Orange to announce their
rollouts with extremely large user bases.  Jabber can scale, but Jabber Inc.
needs to have a product to sell so that we can support the Websites and many
of the main contributors for the Open Source effort who now work for Jabber

Jabber Inc. will continue to have those individuals offer their time to help
the Open Source efforts, and help the Open Source Jabber get better with
time.  We will be continue to thread the line between helping the Open
Source codebase and offering our own products based on the Open Source
implementation.  For those who have been around watching the Open Source
business model evolve, I believe that this is the best way for both
commercial and Open Source implementations to exist. 

So Jabber can scale and is available to scale today.

James Barry
Chief Technical Officer
jmbarry at jabber.com
JID:jmbarry at jabber.com 

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